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Palmworks TM has been into Product Development since 2000 and has more than 250 customers who patronage Product lines - eCampus, TravelDesk, TransMate and Travel Network.

To be part of the next generation line of products and to give a strong financial accounting base for all the above products, Palmworks TM is getting merged with PLV Technologies Private Limited

PLV Technologies Private Limited also comes from a strong line of product development thought process embedded as a core value. The product SFacts will be a very strong foundation to Financial Account Management System for the producst that Palmworks builds.

PLV Technologies Private Limited will continue to uphold our philosophy:

"We follow the ZERO Philosophy - in Errors, Delays, Complaints, Excuses, Compromise, Inefficiency and Wastage"

Together, we will continue to deliver solutions which empower people and thereby organisations to grow, sustain and delight the customers in terms of value addition.

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